Fr. Ken Barker, MGL
Missionaries of God's Love
Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn (Australia)

Fr. Ken was ordained in 1974 at age 25 and received his Ph.D. in Religious Education at Catholic University of America in 1980. He was Baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1983. Since that time, he is widely used in the charismatic renewal for preaching, formation, and leadership, especially with young people.

Fr. Ken is the founder of "Missionaries of God's Love" (MGL) priests and brothers, a new charismatic congregation, dedicated to the new evangelization under grace of the new Pentecost. There are Mission locations across Australia, as well as in Philippines and Indonesia. He is also the Co-founder of MGL sisters who move under the same charism.

He is the founder of the "Young Men of God" movement, bringing young men to experience new life and maturity under the grace of the Renewal. He is the Director of the "Disciples of Jesus Light to the Nations" pilgrimage and of annual Summer Schools of Evangelization for young people in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Since 1983, he is a member of the International Council of Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community. Additionally, he is a member of the Australian National Service of Communion for the charismatic renewal and was a member of the earlier NSC of the charismatic renewal since mid-1980s.

He is also the author of many popular spiritual books including Becoming Fire, Amazing Love, Young Men Rise Up, Alive in the Spirit , Fire to the Earth, Go set the world on Fire, Mary: Disciple and Mother, The Our Father, Way of Jesus, The Wonder of the Eucharist and Eternity.

Richard Lane, Catholic Evangelist
Richard Lane Ministries
Toledo, OH

A full-time Lay Catholic evangelist and a convert to Catholicism, Richard was led to begin proclaiming the Gospel as a street corner evangelist, sharing the Word of God, passing out bibles, crosses, and other religious items. Since then, he has become a dynamic and sought after preacher, evangelist, and revivalist. He brings the fire of the Holy Spirit into his talks and ministry, not only to Catholic Churches, but, in an ecumenical role, to other churches as well.

He has been featured in the national media on "Catholic Answers Live", EWTN'S "Journey Home", the National Catholic Reporter, and other national publications and programs. Richard's dynamic ministry is based upon three principles; Faith - Hope - Love; integrating these with the Sacraments, ministering to those who are searching for something greater than themselves; Jesus Christ!

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