The members of the Renewal Board serve the various Prayer Groups and other leaders in the Renewal by meeting with them regularly and by supporting and encouraging all the ministries of the Renewal.

Fr Raymund M Reyes
Liaison, First Friday Mass and Healing Service
Archdiocese of San Francisco

Fr Angel Quitalig
Archdiocese of San Francisco

Dcn Ernie von Emster
Associate Liaison, Life in the Spirit Seminars, Events and Days of Renewal

Richie Almendrala
Maria Almendrala
Chairperson, Worship Music Ministry, Lord's Flock

Rose Payán
Vice Chair, Communications & Website, Board's Selection

Maria Martinez
Secretary, Holy Spirit Conference, Board's Selection

John Murphy
Treasurer, Anglo Community

Suzanne Nazario
First Friday Mass & Healing Service, Boards Selection

Jocelyn Deauna
Financial Officer, Lord's Flock

Efrain Cano
Hispanic Community

Jose Duenas
Hispanic Community

Lucy Kaloucava
Board's Selection
Anglo Community

Gloria Magali
Board's Selection
El Shaddai Community

Danny Garza
Board's Selection
Siloam Community

Romy Arellano
Board's Selection
BLD Community

Board's Selection
Vietnamese Community