Thanksgiving Testamony

by Letti B. Ramos – "God's People" Prayer Group

At the mass I attended on Thanksgiving Day, the homily of the priest was a very good homily for me.

The priest said, "We thank God although it can't be expressed so much in words, especially today, for HIS GIFTS of LOVE & INFINITE GOODNESS to all of us, sinners or saints. The best way to thank him everyday is to extend those million blessings to the least FORTUNATES: the poor, the hungry, helpless, ...

"What good is it when we say in our prayer, 'I'll pray for you BRO or SIS' but we don't extend our help yet we have the means to help.

"There should be a continuous response to HIS CALL of ACTIONS from each one of us, for HIS GOODNESS TO US IS INFINITE.

"For HIS LOVE TO ALL OF US, we extend that also to all our brothers. & sisters, LOVED ONES or NOT. We extend the love, forgiveness, understanding, support, lifting one's name, strengthening one another, etc.

"For HIS COMPASSION TO US: We extend that too to comfort the lonely, sorrowing, desolate, depressed, sick, and troubled by calling them, visiting them in their homes, hospitals, jails, mental institutions, funeral homes, wherever they may be, giving them our presence, telling them we are with them in those times of need.

"When we eat our meals especially today, we pause for those out of our reach, who have nothing to eat & pray that the GOOD LORD will somehow give them their provisions.

"Now we come to think how blessed we are & offer them back (in the Offertory) with our reflections on how we used our blessings to promote HIS LOVE, GOODNESS, & FAITHFULNESS, to all His creations in HIS KINGDOM HERE ON EARTH.

"This way we have also fulfilled our stewardship role on the things HE HAS GIVEN US. It might not be perfect but we tried. We offer also our past responses & future responses on HIS CALL to this way of thanking HIM. We now give it all to the LORD asking HIM to send us the HOLY SPIRIT all the time, to help us work on this mission of THANKSGIVING.


End of homily.

I wrote this from my memory of what he said. I know you know all of these things as I know some too, but this is just an affirmation again for all of us. May the Good Lord bless us all & may the Holy Spirit be with us, ALWAYS!!!

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