*Good Friday, April 7, 2023 - No 1st Friday Mass

*SEPTEMBER 16, 2023
26th Holy Spirit Conference
Luke 6:43-49
St. Mary's Cathedral, San Francisco, CA


Congratulations to all the re-elected Executive Officers of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Board of the Archdiocese of San Francisco for the year 2023-2026 led by Bro. Danny Garza (Chairman), Sis. Sally Yeo (Vice Chair), Sis. Tess Garza (Secretary), Bro. Jose dela Torre (Finance) and Bro. Romy Arellano (Treasurer).

We also would like to acknowledge and compliment all new members of the CCR Board as well. More work to do in the vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ!

To God be the glory and praise.

Congratulations to all the incoming 2023-2024 Filipino Catholic Charismatic Communities Officers led by their new Head Coordinator Sis. Tess Garza as commissioned by Rev. Fr. Ray Reyes at the Piro Hall of St Andrew Catholic Church in Daly City.

1st Friday Mass:
St. Paul of the Shipwreck San Francisco, CA
February 3, 2023


Fruitful Corner

APRIL 1, 2023

By Fr. Andrew Ibegbulem, OSA


So, the chief priests and the Pharisees convened the Sanhedrin and said, “What are we going to do? This man is performing many signs. If we leave him alone, all will believe in him, and the Romans will come and take away both our land and our nation.” Jn. 11:47-48.

Our gospel reference today formed part of the reaction of the High Priest and his associates when the news about Jesus’ raising of Lazarus reached their ears. They convened a session of the Council to consider the matter. To understand this reaction, it is necessary to be aware that half of the population of Jerusalem depended completely on the Temple for their lives and survival.

Because of this, it would have been difficult for them to support an unknown prophet from Galilee who criticized the Temple and the religious authorities. This also explains why some even were ready to inform the authorities. They were afraid that the Roman invasion could lead to the loss of everything, even of the Temple and of the privileged position of the priests.

Jesus’ public ministry had some effects on the people. For many, they were coming to believe in Him and were hanging on His every word. They sought Him out and began to understand that He was the promised Messiah. On the other hand, the reaction of the chief priests and the Pharisees was far more worldly. They were completely consumed with worldly concerns to the point that these concerns drown out all matters of faith.

As the Sanhedrin convened and discussed what they should do, Caiaphas, who led the Council, had held the High Priesthood for many years. It was the popular belief that when a High Priest asked for God’s counsel for the nation of Israel, God would speak through him.

So, God used Caiaphas to prophesy the redemptive death of Jesus for the whole world when Caiaphas said: “It is expedient for you that One Man should die instead of the people, so that the whole nation may not perish.” Caiaphas and many other religious leaders at the time appeared to be far more concerned with their worldly status and power than they were with matters of true faith and eternal salvation.

If they were men who deeply loved God and sought only His holy will, then they would have rejoiced that Jesus’ ministry was so fruitful in the lives of the people. They would have offered thanks to God for the privilege of seeing the prophecies of old about the Messiah come to fruition before their own eyes.

They should have had joy and gratitude, and they should have allowed those spiritual blessings to grow within them and give them the courage they needed to go forth and die with our Lord if necessary. But instead, they chose their comfortable lives and worldly status above the truth, and they decided that Jesus needed to die.

One beautiful truth to reflect upon within this context is that God uses all things for His glory and for the salvation of those who believe. With this meeting of the Sanhedrin, these men began to plot the death of Jesus. Eventually they used deceit, manipulation, intimidation, and fear to accomplish their goal.

Reflect, today, upon the fact that God is able to use all things for our good. Even in the midst of corruption, persecution, discord, sin, illness or any other evil in life, when we turn to God in faith and surrender, He is able to transform all things and bring forth an abundance of good fruit through them if we only let Him and trust in faith.

Lord Jesus, You were loved by many but also hated by some. Those with power and authority could not see beyond their worldly ambitions, so they began to plot against You. Give me the grace, dear Lord, to see every act of evil inflicted upon me as an opportunity for You to bring forth good. You are glorious, dear Lord. May You be glorified in all things. Jesus, I trust in You.

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Mission Statement

As a lay organization, the mission of the Charismatic Renewal is:

  1. To help all people come to know the love of God in their lives as demonstrated through our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  2. To help our brothers and sisters respond to God's love by loving God in return through a commitment to serve Christ and His Church.
  3. To assist them to listen and follow the movement of the Holy Spirit at work in their lives.
  4. To help our brothers and sisters recognize the ministry that God has called them to, and accept the gifts that God desires to bestow upon them for His work in our Church and in our world.
  5. To lead them to a New Life offered to us by the Holy Spirit.